Residential Interior Services

Thompson & Schrader Interiors, provides Color Consulting and Color Imaging as part of our full range of services.  In this digital age, it isinterior-hall possible to see your home in any color before painting begins.  Our professional installation, along with a multitude of color options and specialty finishes will transform your home into a masterpiece of color and beauty.

With interior finishing, there are truly just two options for a wall:  either it is a coordinated backdrop to highlight other features in a room, bringing a scheme together; or the wall is the main feature.  The second option is particularly useful if you do not have an abundance of artwork to hang in a space the wall can become the artwork!

Color can alter the sense of space, altering the mood, enlarging or diminishing a space. Using the right color can create a relaxing, energizing or soothing feel.  The choice is yours.   

Our services include:

Color Imaging:  For a small fee, we can take digital photos of your home and show you digitally different colors and options to full fill the atmosphere you want to create.

Color Consultation:  As a part of our services, color consultation is free to assure your satisfaction. 

Color Matching:  We can accurately match any color you want.  Simply show us the item you wish to match- a rug, a pillow, a paint chip, fabric swatch- and we can customize a color for you!  Not just close but a great match.

Drywall:  A high quality paint job requires high quality drywall under it.  We will make repairs as needed, install or finish drywall to make sure your project is well done. 

Painting:  Your project may require spray, roller or brush painting our expert staff will assure the proper technique is used for a flawless finish.

Faux Finishes: We can do glazes, textures, patterns, stripes, color washes, sponging and many other specialty finishes.   Faux finishes add more character and warmth to any space. 

Murals:  Our staff includes an artist who specializes in murals to your specifications.  We can assist with mural design if you would like added inspiration.

Textures:   We can install or repair textured walls and ceilings.  Texture under a faux finish can highlight a wall and make it a focal

Wallpaper:  Whether you want to install or remove, we can handle your wallpaper needs. 

Wood trim finishes:  Wood finishes can enhance any room staining, pickling, even painting can highlight your trim.  Glazing can age modern woodwork to fit in with your style.  Our cabinet quality finish is durable as well as beautiful. 

Ceramic Tile:  We can install backsplashes, walls and floors. 

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